Pricelist 2020

Mechanism for height adjustable desks

  • Mechanism ROL ERGO Ei650 399* EUR
  • Mechanism ROL ERGO GOTTFRID 333* EUR
  • Mechanism ROL ERGO Bench 798* EUR
  • Mechanism ROL ERGO Corner 599* EUR
  • Mechanism ROL ERGO Conference 599* EUR
  • ID Connect 49* EUR

Height adjustable desks

  • ERGO SMART ( mechanism ROL ERGO Ei650 + table top) 439* EUR
  • ERGO GOTTFRID (mechanism ROL ERGO GOTTFRID + table top) 373* EUR
  • ERGO SMART ID (mechanism ROL ERGO Ei650 + table top + ID Connect) 488* EUR
  • ERGO Bench (mechanism ROL ERGO Bench + table top) 878* EUR
  • ERGO Corner (mechanism ROL ERGO Corner + table top) 679* EUR
  • ERGO Conference (mechanism ROL ERGO Conference + table top) 679* EUR
  • ID Connect 49* EUR

* VAT is not included in the price; collection of the product is in Novi Sad. Payment in dinars, per current exchange rate, on the day of the purchase. ** The delivery and installation price is arranged with the buyer depending on the quantity and place of delivery. *** For larger amounts we provide certain discounts.

The table top of ERGO height adjustable desks has standard dimensions of 80x 160 cm, 25 mm thick, ABS 2 mm, designed from the Kronospan collection- Standard (Beech Bavaria 0381 PR, Oak Ferrara 8921 PR, gray 1700, black, white, Wenge 0854 BS, Maple 0375 PR). It is possible to arrange different dimensions and designs with an appropriate price correction.

Terms of purchase and warranty

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Disclaimer statement

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Terms of warranty

All products have a warranty of the manufacturer, or importer. During the 5 year period, starting from the date of the purchase, the customer has a right to remove any defects, free of charge, in case the defects are a result of a construction error. The warranty can be carried out only with the original receipt. After the validity of the warranty has been established we will either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or similar product. If the model is no longer in our offer it will be replaced with an appropriate matching model. All costs of the repair during the guarantee period shall be borne by the guarantee provider. The costs of transporting reclamation products are borne by the buyer unless stated differently. Any unjustified reclamation initiates the compensation of all costs by the buyer.

The guarantee expires in case of the following:

  • Inadequate installation or use of the product
  • Any repairs done by incompetent repairmen or installation of non-original spare parts
  • Keeping the product in an open or wet place
  • Uninstalling, transporting or installing the product inappropriately after the adequate installation has been performed


The guarantee doesn’t cover the following:

  • The table top
  • Usual spending, scratches, cuts,…
  • Damages occurred in addition to poor usage or incorrectly cleaning the product by improper cleansers
  • Damages caused by mechanical impacts by the buyer or a third party